Electric Woodlands
Terms and Conditions

1. In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests, the Organisers and Premises Licence Holder reserve the right to refuse admission or evict from site

2. Upon booking your ticket(s) through our partner ticket agent, Skiddle, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

3. No re-admission at any time.

4. When purchasing your ticket you will be asked to provide your customer details, including a contact mobile telephone number. For more information on how we use your personal data please read our Privacy Policy here: https://terms.louderuk.com/privacy.pdf

5. All tickets are non-refundable except if the event is cancelled or postponed. We shall only be required to refund the face value of the ticket where the event is cancelled or postponed before it is started, or as required by applicable law. In the event of postponement of the event before it has started, and where it is rescheduled to another date, the ticket holder may elect to either use the existing ticket for the rescheduled date or apply for a refund. Refunds under these circumstances must be applied for within 7 days of the date of cancellation/postponement via Skiddle. Any refund requests must be made by the original purchaser of the ticket.

6. In light of the current COVID 19 pandemic, you understand that there are particular risks associated with attending any outdoor gathering (including the Event). We will take reasonable steps to comply with any relevant guidance intended to reduce the spread of COVID 19 and we will make you aware of these measures. However, we cannot be responsible for the behaviour or health of other Event attendees and cannot effectively ensure that no attendees at the Event will have COVID-19. Accordingly, we will not be responsible if you catch COVID-19 at the Event or for any illness or death of any Event attendees caused by COVID 19.*

7. You understand and accept that you will be attending the Event and using any facilities on-site at your own risk.*

8. To help us to reduce the spread of COVID 19, we ask that you follow and adhere to all current guidelines available at https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ *

*note that where there is a conflict between any of the provisions in this paragraph and any updated government guidelines, the updated government guidelines will apply;

8. You must follow all guidelines and/or entry requirements notified by us to you and which will apply to your attendance at the Event. This may include providing evidence of COVID- 19 vaccination status, testing on entry or evidence of testing prior to attending the Event. We may be required to amend our guidelines before or during the Event and ask that you comply with any updated guidelines notified to you;

9. You must follow all government COVID 19 guidelines (which may be updated from time to time);

10. You understand that we have the right, at our complete discretion, to:

• refuse entry to any attendee who we reasonably believe may display COVID 19 symptoms or who may not have followed Government guidelines or our guidelines or entry requirements.
• require that any attendee leaves the Event where we reasonably believe that they may not be complying with these terms or any of our or Government guidelines in force in relation to COVID-19.

11. We reserve the right to make alterations to the time, date, duration and venue of the event in the event of unforeseen or other circumstances, including (but without limitation) Force Majeure, safety and security concerns or decisions from authorised persons or other competent authority.

12. Tickets are in the form of barcodes and will be scanned upon entry; once a barcode has been scanned it cannot be used again.

13. The first scanned ticket to arrive at the event will be allowed entry; any subsequent ticket with the same barcode will be denied access. Please treat your ticket as you would cash, the Organisers accept no responsibility or liability for any inconvenience caused by the unauthorised duplication of a ticket. Do not post images of your barcode on social media or share with friends.

14. Admission is at the ticket holder’s own risk. The Organisers and Premises Licence Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.

15. Skiddle are our only authorised ticket agent. Do not buy tickets from other third-party sources, as we cannot guarantee entry or ensure these tickets are genuine. Invalid or duplicate barcodes will not be allowed entry into the event site.

16. The name on your ticket must match your ID. If you purchase a ticket from a friend, you must ensure that they update the name on the ticket. Tickets without a genuine name will not be allowed entry.

17. In the event of cancellation of the event, only the face value of the ticket will be refunded and not the booking fee.

18. Wristbands removed from the wrist, tampered with, lost or missing will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Those without valid wristbands will be removed from the site. All wristbands issued by the Organiser remain the property of the Organiser 24 hours post event.


19. There will be a search operation at the gates, and you should expect to be searched on entry. This may include vehicle searches for some vehicles at discretion of Security, clothing/bag searches at the gates, onsite or when leaving.

20. We have a No Drugs Policy regarding the possession, use or sale of illegal drugs. This includes Nitrous Oxide and all other products banned under the New Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

21. Prescribed medication should be declared before entering the search and entry points. Medicine should be in its original packaging and the ticket holder must bring a copy of their prescription in their own name.

22. Additional prohibited items include:

• 2-way radios
• Aerosols
• Airhorns and megaphones
• Home-purchased alcohol & glass bottles
• Animals, except authorised assistance dogs
• Any item which may cause offence, danger, or disruption to another person.
• Barbecues or camping stoves
• Bikes
• Campfires / fire-pits
• Drones
• Fireworks, flares, candles, or pyrotechnics, inc. Chinese / paper lanterns
• Gas bottles
• Gazebos
• Generators
• Glass of any kind
• Goods for unauthorised trading
• Illegal substances
• Legal highs & new psychoactive substances
• Nitrous oxide and any associated equipment (balloons, CO2 dispensers etc)
• Portable laser equipment and pens
• Professional cameras, film, or video equipment
• Sound systems
• Unofficial high visibility tabards or jackets
• Large supplies of food may not be allowed (at discretion of security)
• Any bottles with a broken seal will not be allowed.
• Weapons of any kind or any items that could reasonably be considered for use as a weapon

23. This list is not exhaustive, the Organiser reserves the right to confiscate any potentially harmful items or substances at our discretion. Please be aware that work tools, ladders, 2- way radios etc can be deemed a potential security breach and we reserve the right to confiscate such items on entry to the car parks or event gates. Please check your vehicle before packing and remove any items that can present a safety or security risk.

24. At the search and entry point, ticket holders will be given the opportunity to give up (AMNESTY) prohibited items in their possession prior to search. Once passed the Amnesty area, any person found in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry or evicted, and will have the item confiscated, and not returned.

25. E-cigarettes are allowed. E-cigarette liquid is only allowed if it is sealed and easily identifiable. If it can’t be identified or the seal is broken, it will be confiscated.

26. Camping stoves, barbeques (including single-use) and disposable gas canisters are not permitted.

27. Signs or materials displaying discriminatory, derogatory or offensive messages, slogans or images are not permitted.


28. Challenge 25 operates on all bars. If you have purchased an adult ticket and are fortunate enough to look under the age of 25, you will be required to provide ID that proves your age. If you cannot provide ID that is valid and in date, you will be refused entry into the event site.

29. The event is strictly 18+. Accepted ID for entry and bar includes: Valid in date photographic driving license, a passport or a Citizencard with approved hologram. Photocopies and Proof of Age Cards will not be accepted.

30. ID checks will be carried out at the entry gates for anyone who looks under 21 years old.


31. The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions are subject to change at any time without notice.

32. Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any ticket holder will be allowed on the event site without the Organiser’s prior written consent.

33. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for goods or services purchased from third party traders.

34. As a condition of sale, the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded for television, feature films, radio, webcast and other public broadcast and/or for any video/DVD or by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for safety and security purposes. If any person wishes to opt out they must make the gate staff aware at entry.

35. Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of Electric Woodlands.

36. In accordance with Smoke Free Regulations, any tented arenas and other areas of the event are designated No Smoking areas (this includes e-cigarettes). Failure to comply with these regulations and event signage may result in ejection.

37. If you are caught urinating or defecating in places other than a toilet, you run the risk of immediate ejection from the event site.

38. Please use bins and recycling points provided.

39. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone found acting in such a way will be immediately ejected without refund.

40. For the safety of yourself and others it is forbidden to access areas that are restricted. This includes climbing lighting masts, fences, stages, roofs and other apparatus or constructions. If you are caught doing this you will be ejected from the event without refund or compensation.

41. Strictly no animals (with the exception of assistance dogs) will be allowed on the site.

42. Assistance dogs must be declared in advance to the Organiser who, once approved, will provide an authorisation letter to be shown on the search and entry points.

43. Mobility scooters must be declared in advance to the Organiser. You will be asked to sign a condition of use disclaimer outlining what is expected as safe use of mobility scooters on a busy event site.

44. If you have a disability, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please
contact enquiries@louderuk.com at the earliest opportunity to give us ample time to do so.

45. Warning: exposure to loud and excessive music may be damaging to your hearing.

46. Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting and special effects may take place during some performances.

47. The Organiser reserves the right to add to or amend these Terms from time to time. Amendments will take effect when posted on our social media pages or website. Please check regularly for changes and to ensure you have up to date information as you are bound by these terms and conditions. If you purchase a ticket after any amendment to these Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.


48. Car Parking passes must be purchased in advance for £15. No coaches, mini-buses or larger vehicles than a standard car will be allowed to park without prior permission via enquiries@louderuk.com

49. Vehicles are parked entirely at owner’s risk. Electric Woodlands will not be held liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

50. Car parking is not pre-designated and will be allocated on arrival at our discretion.


51. By entering the event site you agree to grant the Event permission to use your image in any publicity, marketing or promotional materials.

52. Filming and Photography is allowed throughout the public site for personal use, we ask that you do it respectfully and to observe data protection law. Photography and filming for commercial purposes can only be undertaken with the prior written approval from the Organiser and you must not sell any photography or moving images from the Event for commercial or other gain.

53. Photography is restricted or prohibited in certain areas: restricted areas, welfare and medical areas, the main entry gates, security compounds and all backstage areas.

54. The unauthorised use of drones is strictly prohibited No broadcaster or filming company may use film with drones. This is not allowed on site before, during or after the Event.


For those who want to spread their ticket cost over a number of months, tickets can be purchased with our Payment Plan. Pay the Initial Payment and Booking Fees now, and the remaining amounts over 2 instalment/s, with no further Booking Fees. Paying the Initial Payment signifies your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

The Payment Plan is available to any customer buying a ticket between 25th March 2022 and 31st March 2022 at 11pm (the “Eligibility Period”), subject to Ticket availability. The Eligibility Period may be shortened or extended by us at our discretion.

Ticket Prices:

Weekend Camping Deposit Scheme Deposit Payment: £29 + £15.26 Booking Fee
Automated Monthly Instalment Number 1: £40
Final Automated Monthly Instalment: £40
Total to pay = £109 + £15.26 booking fee

Sign up to the Payment Plan by paying the Initial Payment + Booking Fees. The Initial Payment (including Booking Fee) will be charged to your credit or debit card immediately upon your election to purchase the Ticket during the Eligibility Period.

The Initial Payment is non-refundable and no claim can be made to recover this money in any way whatsoever. The Initial Payment includes a per ticket Booking Fee as set out above which is also non-refundable.

Once you have signed up & made the Initial Payment, Skiddle will then automatically debit your card on a monthly basis. Payment will be taken on or around the 1st of each month as specified below: There will always be at least one calendar month between each payment.

Skiddle will email you before each payment date if you have a balance outstanding. Please make sure the email address on your order is correct. You can edit your order details at https://www.skiddle.com/orders/

It is recommended that you ensure that adequate funds are in place to process the payment of all Instalments on the dates set out above and that your credit or debit card does not expire before the final Instalment can be charged.

If your card is declined, you will be notified via email on the due date. At this point you may provide an alternative card. Any alternative card must belong to, and be in the name of, the original purchaser. If we are not provided with an alternative card we will attempt payment 24 hours later on the 2nd of the month. If this payment fails, we will email you again and attempt payment again 72 hours later on the 5th of the month.

If payment is not received within 5 days of the applicable due date for which payment is due, your purchase of the Ticket will be cancelled and your Ticket void, and you will not receive the Ticket or a refund for any paid Instalments (including booking fee).

If you miss an automated payment, you can make a manual payment online via https://www.skiddle.com/orders/ – Call 03333 010101 for assistance.

You will receive an email receipt for your Initial Payment and each Instalment but you will only receive the full barcoded ticket once the whole value of the ticket/s has been paid.

Under no circumstances will the event accept balance payments after the due date – it is your responsibility to ensure you have made full payment on time.

You cannot pay the balance at the gate – if you arrive at the gate with only a receipt for a part paid ticket, you will not be allowed entry.

All payments and associated fees are non-refundable and no claim can be made to recover this money whatsoever.

These terms and conditions for the Electric Woodlands Payment Plan are in addition to the standard Electric Woodlands and Skiddle.comterms and conditions which you agree to at the time of purchase.

This offer is only available online from our official ticket partner Skiddle. If you have any questions about the payment plan, please contact Skiddle at https://www.skiddle.com/contact/ 

Terms and Conditions